Bank loan calculator: how to calculate a loan online.

Calculate the loan and its parameters for a potential borrower Lendoff Bank will help the loan calculator. Recall that Lendoff does not have office space and specializes in issuing loans online.

How to calculate a loan using a calculator?

How to calculate a loan using a calculator?

An online calculator makes it possible to quickly calculate a loan, which greatly simplifies the selection of a loan product. Future loan calculations should be made for the following reasons:

  1. Aware of the size of the monthly payment, you can get information regarding the planning of the future budget.
  2. The procedure will also provide an opportunity to assess the level of possible overpayments.
  3. Without contacting bank employees, a client can compare the offered loan products.

The Lendoff loan calculator located on the official website of the banking structure is intended primarily for calculating consumer loans.

Using a calculator, a client can:

  1. Calculate the approximate amount that the bank is able to approve.
  2. Decide on the size of upcoming payments.

To use the service, you must enter data in a special form:

  • amount of regular income;
  • the size of existing loans in total terms.

By filling out the form, the loan calculator will display the recommended loan size and maturity. If the amount after the calculation turned out to be greater than the amount that the client needs, it should be adjusted by moving the arrow to the required values. Therefore, the principle can adjust the period of use of borrowed funds. The monthly payment will undergo a change depending on the loan circulation period and its size. The interest on the loan system is not prescribed. They can be calculated without a calculator, guided by information previously obtained.

The client can receive a more extensive calculation on the special profile sites of Lendoff products.

In addition to the monthly payment, the service is able to calculate:

  • full amount of payments;
  • overpayment;
  • the ratio of principal to interest paid;
  • payment schedules.

To calculate a loan, you should know the conditions under which it was provided, the main ones are the amount and term, as well as the approximate interest rate for the year.

Credit card calculator

If you want to get a credit card, it will also be very useful for you to use a costing service. This is necessary, first of all, this will allow us to calculate the size of monthly payments. More often, users use the Lendoff Platinum credit card calculator (the most popular loan product from Lendoff Bank).

To calculate card payments, you must enter the following parameters:

  1. Interest rate level.
  2. Percentage of monthly payment made.
  3. Card expiry date.
  4. Activation date.
  5. The approximate amount of expenses.
  6. Commission.

Card circulation term is calculated on the basis of the minimum payment (its percentage). For example, if the bank needs to return 5% of the spent amount, the period will be 20 months.

As soon as you click “Calculate”, a list and schedule of regular payments on the card will become available to you.

Further, in order to get a loan from Lendoff it is necessary to fill out the online application as fully as possible.

Application for online loan

Application for online loan

Online application for a credit card or consumer cash loan is carried out in three main stages. Applications are filled on the official website Lendoff.

Stage №2 Entering passport data and customer registration address.

Stage 3 – provides information on the borrower’s employment:

  • Name of the organization;
  • work phone and company address;
  • position and real work experience.

In conclusion, enter personal data:

  • level of steady income;
  • expenses on available loans;
  • credit history;
  • the availability of education;
  • marital status and characteristics of the family;
  • the presence of a passport and a car.

Bank experts will consider the application for a loan two business days. As soon as a positive decision is made, the client will receive the selected loan product (credit card or money on a debit card).