The Community will subsidize all the NGOs that received 0.7% in 2016 and have been left out this year

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The Ministry of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid will subsidize all entities that received in 2016 aid from the 0.7 percent quota for social purposes of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for their projects and that in the 2017 call have been left out.

According to data provided by the department headed by Carlos Izquierdo to Europa Press, in 2017 more than 400 entities submitted 1,271 projects, of which only a total of 352 have been financed, after a competitive concurrence procedure. The affected organizations alerted their At the time, continuity projects were not going to be able to continue due to this absence of aid and the regional government does not want to “leave it behind”.

This was stated in an interview with Europa Press, the director of the branch, who has detailed that the objective, regardless of the amount needed, is to attend all projects that have been left out, which already received a grant in 2016 and which in 2017 they have not received any help from the State – because if not, it would be doubly financed.

To do this, Izquierdo explained that they have prepared regulatory rules for this extraordinary procedure, currently posted on the Transparency Portal because it is in the public information period until February 13. The idea is to take them to the next Governing Council (February 20) for approval and so that immediately afterwards, the entities can present the projects.

At that time, the Ministry will cross data to verify that the projects were already funded in 2016, that they have not received State aid in 2017 and that they meet all the requirements. Izquierdo has insisted that they want to take care of the totality independently of the economic budget that entails –The credit that requested the sum of entities in the call for 2017 reached 81 million for the 26 million derived from the 0.7 percent of the IRPF– .

“With this addition we support all the projects of 0.7 percent and we put many new ones,” said Izquierdo, who has indicated that it is going to “serve more people than ever through social entities, it will keep increase the number of social workers behind the entities and that not a single entity is affected by lack of subsidy. “

Izquierdo says that the “welcome” by the associations of the third sector has been “fantastic because they have never seen a similar effort from any administration.” “It is the most important commitment that has been made with the third sector … In these moments of difficulty we are doing it and as never anyone can imagine,” he has defended.

The counselor wants to start giving the subsidies as soon as possible, so, he explained that the sooner the entities submit the projects, the earlier payment will be made. The process “will be very agile so that it is immediate,” said Izquierdo, who appears tomorrow at the Plenary Assembly to address this issue.

Asked what has been the criterion to give last year’s subsidies for competitive competition, he recalled that, according to the code of ethics of his Government, “the most demanding political regeneration and transparency, committed to no politician or high charge were going to be in hiring table or valuation commission.

For all this, he assures that the assessment that was made has been “objective and technical” and that the technicians themselves have been giving scores to the projects as they have been valued. “They have subsidized those who have left until the credit cut, the credit that we have requested the entities were 81 million and we had 26,” he clarified.


Image result for subsidiesAnother novelty that will be for the current year is the recovery of nominative grants for the federations of the different groups. “In this exercise, for the first time, all entities that are federations and, therefore, are structuring sectors, will have nominative grants,” he explained.

It is something that already existed in the past and that has been recovered. Thus, for example, it affects the federations with different disabilities within the CERMI (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities). “All of them will have their nominative subsidy,” he assured.

To these are added those that integrate FEVOCAM, the Platform of Volunteering Entities of the Community of Madrid; those of the European Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion; or the FACIAM Network, the Homeless Assistance Foundation. “We wanted to structure all sectors and have adequate and sustainable financing to enhance the sectors,” he said.

In general terms, Izquierdo has highlighted the social nature of the Government of Cristina Cifuentes, with 90 percent of the budget allocated to this area, with an increase of 17 percent in the Ministry of Social Policy, “which increases the most” , with more seats than “never” in dependence, and with special attention to gender violence, where no woman who wants to be served by the network is left out, has concluded.

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Matches and banks

Matches and banks

We are anesthetized. We lend to Bankia 15,000 million public money without asking for explanations or responsibilities. Neither PP nor PSOE demand a commission of parliamentary investigation, at least to pretend that they are worried about the situation and not to reach any decision, that for that they serve these commissions. We are asleep. It has had to be UPyD who awakens us from this useless national lethargy that considers everything to be normal. Normal that the former mayor of Barcelona and former minister Narcís Serra, without having knowledge for it, presided for five years Caixa Catalunya with a salary of 200,000 a year without exclusive dedication and only one year after leaving the entity has to be intervened by the Bank of Spain. Normal that Rodrigo Rato present Bankia as the most solvent entity with a benefit of 305 million euros in 2011, backed by former ministers and former presidents of the government and months later needs to be intervened by the State. Rato charged in Bankia 2 million three hundred and forty thousand euros a year, and leaves without any responsibility for its management … until now.

 only a few months ago the most prestigious economic newspapers published

 only a few months ago the most prestigious economic newspapers published

the lists of Banks and Savings Banks in a difficult situation and among them was not Bankia. The damage to the citizen is enormous and nobody has paid for it. Before depositing our savings in a financial institution was the safest, now no citizen trusts them. But let’s go back to the origin of the problem, the inbreeding between social agents and financial entities. Not only Bankia fed the grateful stomachs of the PP, with Rodrigo Rato to the front. Among its CEOs we find the members of CCOO, Izquierda Unida, PSOE, the employer’s association (Arturo Fernández) and a long list that they only charged for attending their ordinary meetings. What was apparently a democratization of their decisions eventually became a kind of bribe. No one saw anything. Nobody noticed anything. Not even that they were the entity most exposed to brick. We still have to ask ourselves if UPyD had also been a Bankia adviser. Would it have filed a complaint for fraud? Toni Cantó told me this week that yes, and that they demonstrate to do another type of politics in the places where they govern. It is too early to make this statement, although we owe them the dignity of putting the bankers and the social agents who put their hands to pay looking the other way for the first time in this crisis. The worst thing is the position of the members of the government in this criminal accusation,

all in unison defend above all the presumption of innocence of the accused.

all in unison defend above all the presumption of innocence of the accused.

Moreover, some like the Minister Arias Cañete dare to criticize the judge who issued it in clear interference in the judicial decision. Would they have done it if it was a PSOE Box? How sad and decadent to talk like that, of politicians who cover up the shame between them, of banks and savings banks that lend money to the parties in exchange for favors … in short, social parasites to which we pay the salary without being earned, while We are evicted and extorted taxes. The latest CIS barometer says that Spaniards are less and less worried about unemployment, although it is still the main concern, and increasingly for politicians. Today one in four Spaniards believes that the main problem of our country is they, when paradoxically they are the ones who must solve our problems. We need a Pep Guardiola, a Vicente del Bosque to take us out of this. Do you think there are any among the political class?

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Comparing the best HGH releasers on the market

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